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Better Results In Winter If Do Hair Removal!


The climate is dry in winter, and the skin is prone to lack of water and peeling. The first reaction of many people is to make a moisturizing SPY for the face and body, so that the skin can spend a moisturizing winter. In fact, in addition to being a good time to hydrate, winter is also an excellent time to deal with another annoying body.

Speaking of this, I have to mention summer. Summer is full of passion, the sun, beach, and strap skirts have become a charming scenery, and the little fairies enjoy the fun of showing the proud curves in this season, but not everyone has the courage to be in summer Show yourself as much as you like.

Don’t dare to wear a suspender skirt in summer. Why? Because of armpit hair;
Don’t dare to wear shorts in summer. Why? Because of leg hair;
Don’t dare to wear sleeveless shirts in summer. Why? Because of hand hair
Don’t dare to wear a bikini in summer. Why? Because of the bikini hair.


Hair has become a stumbling block for girls to show their own charm in the summer. I am really sorry for this bright summer if they can’t wear beautiful summer clothes. So many people try their best to “take off and then quickly”, laser hair removal, tweezers, beeswax, hair removal Cream has become a hot commodity, and summer has become the peak season for the hair removal market. But in fact, many people don’t know that the best season for hair removal is not summer, but winter! Why? Winter is obviously wrapped tightly, why do we need to remove hair? Let’s first look at the benefits of winter hair removal.

Compared with summer, what are the advantages of winter hair removal?

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The effect of hair removal is related to the thickness, density, location, degree of coloration and energy of the hair. In winter, the skin is fairer than in summer. Under the condition of ensuring the safety of the epidermis, the laser hair removal treatment energy can be relatively higher than in summer, so it will achieve better results.

1. Winter hair removal treatment schedule is more scientific
The hair growth cycle is divided into three stages: the growth phase, the regression phase, and the telogen phase. As far as the growth cycle is concerned, a complete hair removal treatment course requires 4-6 times, with an interval of about 1 month between each treatment course. Start your hair removal treatment course in winter and wait until summer to achieve the best results!

2. Avoid embarrassment during treatment
After hair removal, the hair is not completely removed. During the treatment period, small hairs that are not completely removed will grow. Summer clothes are relatively thin and cannot be completely covered, but there are many clothes to wear in winter, which can cover the body. The protection, not only can prevent sunscreen, but also not afraid of being seen in embarrassing furry period!

3. The skin condition recovers faster
Due to the hot weather in summer, the body is prone to sweating, which can easily stimulate the skin after depilation and affect the skin’s tranquility. In winter, the climate is not as hot as summer. There is no sweating trouble, and it is protected by clothing. There is no need to worry about too many problems. The skin recovers faster and more comfortable than in summer. Many laser hair removal users also feedback: it feels more comfortable to remove hair in winter!


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For a safe and permanent method of hair removal, home hair removal is the first choice

1. Faster: The entire hair removal process takes a short time, and the treatment time for general parts will not exceed 20 minutes, which will not affect the entertainment and communication activities of the beauty seekers.
2. More versatile: Home IPL hair removal not only has the effect of hair removal, but also has the effects of firming, whitening, moisturizing, and shrinking pores, which can be regarded as an all-round “project”.
3. More effective: Destroy the hair follicles directly, remove the hair from the foundation, and the effect is immediate, usually after a few treatments, the permanent hair removal effect can be achieved.
4. Safer: Home hair removal does not damage the skin, does not produce side effects, does not cause hair follicle inflammation, skin swelling, and does not damage pores and affect perspiration.



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