Differences Between Led Mask And Normal Facial Mask

LED mask is economical and it can improve the skin problems totally,It has the function of beuty therapy and can last for a long time,But the noral mask is made of chemical substance which can not last for a long time.


Noral mask:

- Security: it with chemical substance such as corrosion removal,additive,ethylalcohol,fluorescer ect.

- Using: Jus can be used at home and need clean face each time.

- Effect: with limited using period,if use it after the valid time it maybe will cause skin allergy,and it cannot be re-used.


Led Mask;

Security: Use of medical silicone and it is not irritant for skin,no allergic reactionos and it can be used safely.

Using:It can be used anywhere you want.

Effect:It can be re-used and economical.

Have the beauty salon at home and spend 15minutes for beajty treatment at any time you want

Dont let daily busy life to take all your time,you need take action to enrish your mind and to be more beautiful..

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