Functions of Mini Back Bbdomen Waist Massager

Functions of Mini Back Bbdomen Waist Massager

Red light irradiates 600-650mm wavelength directly to the muscles to relieve pain
Smart remote control, LCD display, easy to operate, compact and portable, enjoy a comfortable

     massage at any time 

5 massage methods, 16 levels of intensity, you can choose your own comfortable massage1.Beat

     mode 2.Acupuncture mode 3.Automatic mode 4.Tuina mode 5.Kneading mode

Dual pulse maintenance to relieve lumbar muscle fatigue 

Two levels of temperature control, constant temperature and comfort, safe and intelligent power off 

Voice broadcast Smart reminder life quality improvement 

Built-in battery, long battery life, USB charging anytime, anywhere

Multi-function massage waist and abdomen Vibration, EMS, hot compress mode can be switched at will

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